Terms and Conditions:

1. MobilityRE is a technology platform owned and developed by Ownco, LLC.

2. One (1) login is included with your setup costs.  Any additional logins will be charged accordingly.

3. Activation is typically completed within five (5) business days after receiving all necessary information to complete setup.

4. Setup fee will be billed immediately.  Subscription fees will begin the first of the following month and will continue month-to-month until cancellation or termination. Prices are subject to change without notice.

5. Notice to cancel subscriptions must be submitted in writing 15 days prior to the next recharge date, otherwise an additional month will be billed. If notification to cancel is received prior to 15 days of the next recharge date, service will continue until the end of that billing cycle. Accounts must be current to cancel. Send written notification of cancellations to: Billing@MobilityRE.com

6. MobilityRE products provide information that is supplied by multiple data partners. Data is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

7. Each login is for use of the subscriber only; sharing or redistributing  information is prohibited.

8. Email provided for login credentials must be subscribers current company email.  Subscriber is required to notify MobilityRE if email changes.

9. MobilityRE may terminate this agreement at any time and at their sole discretion.