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MobilityRE.com - Testimonials


- Gordon Miles, COO, Prudential Americana in Las Vegas, NV

"With over 11,000 inquiries last year alone.... (MobilityRE's mobile app) will increase the numbers even more in 2013."

- Richard Lockwood, Principal Broker & Founder, The Group Real Estate in Salt Lake City, UT

"Since activating the service, we have generated a steady stream of inquiries for our listings through both the app store and our mobile app domain used primarily on our signage." "We are seeing a lot of activity on our app! I had 47 email notifications between 5PM last night and 8AM this morning."

- Randy Benoit, Associate Broker, The Franklin Group in Kaysville, UT

"The MobilityRE mobile app assisted me in going 6 for 6 in listing presentations in the first 90 days of using the MobilityRE app. Several clients specifically said they chose me over my competition because of my mobile app and how they thought it would better market their property to potential buyers. Selling these listings brought in well over $20,000 in Listing commissions AND 3 Buyers who closed on a home!! This product paid for itself for the next 20+ years. "

- Ruben Alfonso, REALTOR®, Beachfront Realty Inc, Miami, FL

"The MobilityRE mobile app assisted me in closing a deal with an international buyer during the first several months of use. My client used the app to find homes and place offers, eventually closing on a property, which led to a commission of over $7,000. Absolutely amazing!!"

- Ernie 'The D' Delgadillo, Managing Broker, First Team SNS Real Estate in Diamond Bar, CA

"We have beta tested his program and we are loving it! we have so many hits that will lead us to sales. There are some many good things about this program that will benefit lead management. We are still working on details and applications to use it on to make it more effective. Give Ben your ear, you will be as excited as we are!"